Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Its been ages since I last updated this blog. I've been adrift in the wastelands, deep in the abyss, caught in the net. Been too busy to blog, in brief.

In the meantime, Liverpool again lost to Man Utd at home in the league, but kept their European campaign going with a brilliant victory over Barcelona. In the league, its looking more and more likely that Liverpool will not manage a higher position than 4th, which means they'll be involved in the third round qualifier for next seasons Champs League. Another year with a too early start to their season. But there is still hope, and Arsenal have shown that its highly likely that they will slip up - especially without Thierry Henry for the rest of the season.

And of course, the cricket world cup has got under way. The traditional game of Super Selector has begun, it should be fun. The Indian media has gone nuts like never before. The hype is sometimes cringe-worthy. The 30-mins of Indian news that I get to see (sometimes) on the telly has 15 mins worth of the newsreader repeating news about inane training sessions, trivial player and coach quotes, and similar balderdash like its the second coming. A story about a few food-poisoning cases occurring in the Indian team's hotel is given coverage equivalent to Saddam's hanging.

Then there's the quirky stuff too. Like Zee News proclaiming the Indian team as Dada's Army!! Quite besides the fact that this echoes the wonderful DA (Dumbledore's Army) from the fifth Harry Potter book, the eponumous Dada is not even the skipper of the Indian team. Seems like Saurav Ganguly is getting a lot more support in the media now, than in the turbulent period a year ago. But Rahul Dravid is our skipper, and the last thing we want in the middle of a tough, exhausting and mentally draining tournament is to see politics rearing its ugly head in the Indian team. Dravid is our skipper, and he should have our support. May he (with Dada and Sachin) bring that pot of moonshine home.